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WORLD RECORD – Womens Tricks and Jump – Ashleigh Stebbeings

Ashleigh 4

Those of us privileged to attend the 2014 Combined World Barefoot Championships at Mulwala, Australia were entertained and impressed by the outstanding skiing of Ashleigh Stebbings.

In round 2 of the Trick event for Open Womens, Ashleigh¬†became the first woman to cross the 10,000 point mark with a 10100 total – A new World Record. This is truly a milestone not only for women but one that men still consider as one of those “everest” moments in their footing careers. To see Ashleigh Kate Stebbeings tricking in “FULL NOISE” watch the video below.

3 days later in the Open Womens Jump Final, Ashleigh broke the Jump World Record that had stood for 3 years, previously held by Elaine Heller set at the U.S. Nationals in 2011. These two records come on top of a very successful previous two years of Footing and see Ashleigh hold all three world records of Slalom(Co Held with Nadine De Villiers – South Africa), Tricks and Jump,

Ashleigh 1

Here is Ashleigh in the finals of Slalom at the World Champs.




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