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World Barefoot Record – Junior Girls tricks

Records come and go but this year in the Junior Girls division we have seen the World Barefoot Record – Junior Girls Tricks – fall twice within one season. The talented athlete who has put paid to this record not once but twice is Georgia Groen, aged 15 years of age.

The first time this World Barefoot Record fell was in late January with Georgia skiing in the Wellington Regional Championships in her homeland, New Zealand. The new record was set at 3830 up from the 3500 mark set by Australian Megan Roberts in 2010. The second time was in March at the Bay of Plenty Regional Championships also in New Zealand. At this event Georgia added a further 370  points to the World Record to make it an even 4200 points.


As we head into the month of August, Georgia (now 16) is training full time at the World Barefoot Center in preparation for the World Barefoot Waterskiing Championships 2012 where the World Barefoot Record for Junior Girls Tricks could very well be under threat once again. Later this week Georgia will be skiing in the USA National Championships as an International invitational skier.

Live Streaming Broadcast of both the USA National Championships and the World Barefoot Waterskiing Championships 2012 can be seen on the World Barefoot Center website.

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