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WBC – The 3 sticking points

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Purportedly there is a stand off between the World Barefoot Council and the Heller Family fronted by Cody Heller with regards signing the LOA (Local Organizing Agreement) for the next Barefoot World Championships that if they go ahead would be held at the Blue Moo Lake in Alma Center, Wisconsin.

As with many Events that are hosted at various venues on the globe, there can at times be an ongoing negotiation around details for the event even after the Event has been awarded to a venue. This appears to be one such negotiation.

What sets this particular negotiation apart from what would normally be considered as “standard” back and forth around venue setup, processes and protocols is the fact that the sticking points at this stage appear to be centered around certain points and formats of the competition which have been requested by the skiers. To be sure the Heller negotiation and proposals were not alone in being presented to the WBC, Australian skier and sometimes BFHQ contributor also presented a format for consideration over which there was much discussion and to and froing.

The 3 main sticking points as conveyed to BarefooterHQ.com are as follows:

  1. The WBC have changed the status of Senior Women’s jump which is included as an event for 2016 however no longer counts towards the Senior Women’s Overall title. The skiers wish for it to count towards Overall.
  2. The skiers have asked for the Senior and Junior World Championships to take place in the first part of Championship week to then be followed by the Open World Championship.
  3. For reasons initially relating to the move to a single Lake championship, the WBC have reduced the Open World Championships to a two round event from the previous three rounds. Skiers wish for the event to remain three rounds.

To date it is our understanding that these 3 points have been raised at least 3 times over preceding months (if not more) directly with the Chairman of the WBC(council) Richard Grey. Most definitely they have been raised by the following people, Lee Stone – CEO IBA, Keith St. Onge – Elite skier and Multiple World Champion, Ben Groen – Athletes Commission Skier Advocate and representative on the WBC(council). Of late it has further been raised by other skiers with their WBC federation representatives.

We have seen comments on various “shares” of the Keith St. Onge video on facebook  that state these points conveyed by himself and David Small via the comments are the first time they have been aired in public. Possibly that is correct but it is certainly not the first time that these particular points have been discussed both amongst the skiing community and most definitely not the first time with the WBC. Now the question that does remain is this. If this is the first time that many WBC members have been appraised of the “issues” then why is that the case?


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