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Wakeboarder Seriously Injured – Appeal Launched


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Top New Zealand wakeboarder Brad Smeele has been seriously injured in a training accident in the United States. Smeele has suffered a damaged vertebrae while attempting a triple somersault in training.

The 24-year-old Aucklander faces a second operation after damaging his fourth vertebrae, leaving him with no feeling from his neck down.

Smeele, a multiple New Zealand champion and two-time world junior champion, was attempting a triple somersault at training in Orlando, Florida when the accident happened.

Smeele was facing massive medical bills in the United States and a fundraising drive has been launched on givealittle. As of this morning more than $10,000 had been donated towards a goal of $50,000.

Smeele has been wakeboarding for 11 years and has been a professional for four years.


*From BFHQ: Not our usual Footing Focussed News but we all understand the risks of the sports we particpate in and so we feel it is appropriate to post when a not too distant related athlete is in need. – Randal

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