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To all the fans and competitors in this great sport of ours, it is time we all step forward and let our voices be heard! For far too long now a lot of we skiers in this sport have sat back and stayed silent, whilst those in charge make decisions that at times the skiers haven’t agreed with or perhaps had great ideas but didn’t know how to convert those ideas into action. Often we have then moaned and griped under their breath (sometimes) when things didn’t go the way we’d like it.
Be encouraged. This does not have to be the case!The skiers that are passionate about this sport and want to see things changed need to get in touch with their local World Barefoot Council representatives and share their thoughts. This is something the World Barefoot Council supports and encourages as they want to open up lines of communication between the officials and athletes, and are keen to hear from more skiers as they hold the opinions of skiers to a high value.

If you have an opinion or any ideas you would like to see put forward or changed, get in touch with your local reps and let them know where you stand, YOU could be the difference many are hoping to see! It’s time the skiers spoke up and helped the Council out by letting them know where they stand and what they would like to see, this sport IS about the skiers after all!

Below is a list of World Barefoot Council Representatives and their email addresses. Please contact Your particular federation representatives and have your say!

AAO(Australia, Asia, Oceania)
Claire Mowday – claire.w@clear.net.nz
Geoff Blauuw – geoff@responsere.com
Brian Price – b.j.price@bigpond.com

EAME (Europe,Africa, Middle East)
Paul Turner – paul.turner@revolve.co.uk
Jerome Bauser – president@sawaterski.co.za
Svenja Hempelmann – svenja.hempelmann@hotmail.de


PANAM (Canada, USA, South American Countries) – Note PANAM federation have recently undergone elections so it is possible contacts may alter in the near future.
Dale Stevens – stevensdale1@gmail.com
Richard Gray – g1footer@gmail.com
Joe Malefont – jmalenfa@us.ibm.com



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2 thoughts on “Voice your Opinion”

  1. Foot says:

    My friend.. This is so well said.. It is something that needed to be said and repeated at every barefoot event.. For too long the WBC has been accused of not communicating, which in some cases is true but we ALL must remember that communication is a 2 way street.. If you have a problem or an idea don’t keep it a secret from the very people that have dedicated themselves to helping you.. The WBC not only has no paycheck it actually costs the members so their only motivation is to make things better for the skiers and the sport.. Again, THANK YOU RANDAL

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