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Top 5 Social Media Hashtags for Barefooters


First of all, if you’re not familiar with what a hashtag is or you have seen them (the nonstop conjoint words after a hash sign) but don’t really understand what they are or do here’s a few quick tips. Hashtags are bookmarks used on the Internet to participate in and track a particular conversation or subject matter. The hashtag can be within the body of a social media post or added as a postscript. Businesses and consumers alike use them to identify, organize, and emphasize their social messages. No one owns a tag, there is no formal process to creating one, anyone can make their own, and preexisting tags can be hijacked or re-purposed. For more info check out the beginners guide to the hashtag on Mashable.

Once you’re “on it” and get the gist of them start adding them to your social media posts so not only can we see them but they become part of a bigger conversation if its a widely used #hashtag!

With that in mind, here are our Top 5 Hashtags to use in Social Media for Barefooters.

The first 4 are already in use, the fifth we are introducing for any Barefoot related competition going forward.

#lifeofawaterskier -lifestyle related generic to any waterski related disicpline

#lifeofabarefooter – lifestyle related specific to footers

#lakelife – this is a lifestyle related hashtag typically used when.. appropriately on the lake…

#lifeonthewater – this is part of the USA WS associations promotion of their 75 year anniversary celebrations. They run a feed picking up the tagged posts.

#barefootcomp – For any competition related barefooting, Tournament, Endurance, Freestyle, etc where there are scores being dished out in some form.

So hashtag away, the below is a list of the current sites and apps that can use Hashtags.


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