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Top 5 Freestyle Barefooters


An earlier post on BarefooterHQ details the background of Freestyle Barefooting and highlights a few Barefooters that are associated with this specialised branch of our sport.

For this post we researched for a while, reviewing footage of the skiers, their contest results, analyzing the influence that each skier has had on Freestyle as an event and their contribution to that part of the Barefooting community. There are legendary names that have missed out on our final five, names like Ron Scarpa, Paul Macdonald, Chris and Al Morrison to name but a few. In the end we picked these five for our Top 5 Freestyle Barefooters.

Number 5

Jamie Kumlien

Jamie is an all round athlete. He wrestled in school, show-skis with the Rock Aqua Jays and Tommy Bartlett, and has represented his country at the Barefoot World Championships. Jamie’s prowess in freestyle Barefoot skiing is undeniable and this was evidenced in the 2011 Malibu Open when he was chosen along with three of our other Top 5 to compete in the freestyle Barefoot Competition. During that competition, as he was nearing the end of a run, Jamie injured himself in a collision with a moored boat whilst performing a sandman.

Jamie has invented a number of moves including the Side Slide Front Toe-up to back Toe-up, Piggy Back Dolphin and the Dolphin to Flip.

Number 4

Nolan Lough

Nolan began Barefooting at the age of five years old after becoming “bored” with skis and wakeboarding. Having just graduated from High School in 2012 the main place you’ll see Nolan’s name pop up these days is in the BFC Freestyle comps. Nolan has invented a few freestyle moves of his own – namely the Lough Shuffle and the Lough Switchblade Shuffle.

Some have commented that Nolan doesn’t actually ski very often these days – as you’ll see below, if that is true then his potential is downright scary!

Number 3

Zane De Villiers

Zane or ZDV is Andre or ADV’s brother. Zane learned to Barefoot at age 11, and for the first five to six years worked away at 3 event footing, eventually ending up ranked in the top 5 at one stage. In a search for things to get the blood pumping, he and his brother started experimenting with what we now know as Freestyle Barefooting moves.

Zane has invented freestyle moves such as : wrapped side-slide 360, S-bend off the jump, and the tower bomb out dolphin.

Number 2

Brendan Paige

Brendan is a Freestyle Footer from Australia. Many people have the impression that Brendan came out of nowhere, an instant genius on the water; whilst that story is close, it’s not completely accurate. In the 3 event world Brendan has been  climbing the rankings each year: 29th overall in 2009, 15th overall in 2010 and then, seemingly from nowhere, he placed in the top 3 of all three rounds of the BFC Freestyle challenge in 2011 in the first year he entered them. His form has continued on in 2012 with a Second and a First in rounds one and two, respectively.

Brendan’s busy and energetic style makes for entertaining watching and he is definitely a Footer to keep an eye on.

Number 1

Andre De Villiers

ADV – what more can we say about the Godfather of Freestyle Barefooting? His name peppers the list of tricks as the only Footer to have done them, he invented the majority of today’s freestyle tricks and continues to consistently develop and display freestyle Barefooting in an exciting, blood pumping way. ADV is the King of Freestyle Barefooting!



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