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The Record for the Most Barefoot Water Skiers and Deep Starts

Photo by Lauren St. Onge
Photo by Lauren St. Onge

The Chain of Records took place on Lake Eloise and Lake Silver in Winter Haven, Florida. It was the largest group of water ski records set March 31 to April 5, 2015. To see all the records set go here:

Chain of Records

The Most Barefoot Water Skiers Behind One Boat: 24

It’s not yet an official record, but videos and photos show the proof: 24 barefoot water skiers kicking off behind one boat.

24 barefooters record 2

Photo by Eric Gran


View from a helmet GoPro on Eric Gran:

View from the boat:

The oldest skier: 54

The youngest skier: 17

Boat driver: Captain Hook, aka Jason Hook from Wisconsin

Boat: 900 HP Evinrude motors



Photo by Lauren St. Onge

Photo by Lauren St. Onge

Skiers:  Keith St.Onge, David Small, Dan Olson, Eric Gran, Ben Groen, Rick Moyes, Hans W. Hauschild, Marc Donahue, JJ Link, Wayne King, Blake Ehlers, Landen Ehlers, Chris Mcwatters, Curtis Griffin, Brandon Schleicher, Chad Rose, Joe Sawaska, Jim Larsan, Geno Yauchler, Jason Lee, Tyler Hyatt, David Rezin, Billy Nichols, and Jeremy Armstrong.

The previous World Record was set by the Rock Aqua Jays in 2009 with 20 barefooters:


The Most Deep Water Barefoot Starts Behind One Boat: 11

Another record set: the most deep water starts behind one boat with 10 footers, Ben Groen, David Small, Billy Nichols, Landen Ehlers, Blake Ehlers, Hans Hauschild, Rick Moyes, Geno Yauchler, Joe Swaska, Marc Donahue, Wayne King, Chad Rose, Jim Larson, Chris McWatters, Jason Lee, and JJ Link.

“We started with 15 skiers and 11 of them hung on for the NSSA record (National Show Ski Association 3 second rule,” said Keith St. Onge, co-captain, along with Jeremy Armstrong, of the barefooting events.  “Ten skiers went longer, but we have yet to confirm whether it is a Guinness record.”


Photo by Lauren St. Onge

Photo by Lauren St. Onge



Gallery of Photos:


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