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Kia Ora, greetings to you; my name is Randal Meikle and it’s my job to facilitate, aggregate, congregate, mitigate and generally keep any gate for BarefooterHQ.

I have been a Barefooter for some 24 years, almost entirely in a recreational capacity enjoying the energy and the one upmanship and banter of a hyped boatload of keen and charged adrenaline junkies. By day I am an ICT Professional so in essence BarefooterHQ is somewhat of a synergy between my recreational and professional worlds. Based in New Zealand.. the small country at the top of the WORLD!


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To contact me, email: randal@barefooterhq.com

I hope you enjoy the BarefooterHQ experience and if you have any feedback or suggestions please feel free to contact me through our Contact Form or via our email above!



Patrick Felgner

Hailing out of the winterless north, based in Toledo, Ohio, USA where his Lake melts for at least 6 weeks of the year, Patrick is addicted to shift work and pumpkin carving. He is Father to 3 lucky young women and Husband to one (It’s Ohio not Utah) Patrick is a hardcore footer most at home holding onto the handle for long periods at a time. Sigmund Freud once commented that this trait is  mostly caused by his desire to feel self righteous about not being one of them “15 second men”.



Pete O’Neillpointy hat

Current World #3 and Champion of  among many things – Australian Open Mens Barefoot division,  Projectile assistance into moving vehicles and of course verbal diarrhea, Pete joins BarefooterHQ as an insightful, locquacious and forthright user of what he thinks is the English Language to share his vast knowledge and experience as both a skier and a coach. A Yarrawongan native, practically living in the waterways around the NSW and Victorian state Borders in Australia, Pete at times has been mistake for a “Road Cone” with his insistence on wearing a “pointy hat” and displaying “two black eyes”. Being the quintessential Australian that he is, Pete brings, all the qualities we have come to admire in those resident in the Great Southern Land, determination, talent, and an astounding ability to apply makeup… oh as well as insights into many aspects of Footing.


Karen Griffard Putz


As an extra in the “Back to the Future” franchise of movies, Karen has taken her experiences in the field of astrophysics under the tutelage of Dr. Emmett Lathrop “Doc” Brown, Ph.D to a whole new level. She has moved the Space Time continuum to the point where she can now cram 72 hours worth of work into what we mere mortals term 12. As a result of this an ever expanding catalogue of achievements and outcomes are being accredited to her. As a deaf Mom of three,  (keeping the refrigerator stocked would be task enough for most) Karen is an internationally known author and sought after public speaker, competitive and sponsored Barefoot Waterskier, and a Co owner with her husband Joe of a greeting card company. Featured on shows, blogs and TV Commercials such as espnW, Growing Bolder, AOL That’s Fit, The Waterskier, Waterski Mag, Suburban Woman, Tommie Copper and a regular columnist for Chicago Now, BarefooterHQ are stoked to have Karen as part of the team adding her expertise in blogging and social media to the mix!


 Robbie Groen


As Gollum’s stunt double in the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit Movies shot in his home country of New Zealand, it was obvious that nearly 50 years of Barefooting had honed his razor edged body into a remarkable form that could hula hoop with a cheerio. Rob or Robbie as he is known across the Globe continues to be a driving force behind New Zealand teams and skiers, coaching and mentoring them more recently on his home Lake.. literally 20 steps from his Bedroom door.
Whilst never one to shy away from sharing his opinion at any level of the sport, Robbie is also known for his “behavior” off piste shall we say. Many a story involving him has passed into Barefooting folk lore and been shared with subsequent generations. Rob brings knowledge, passion and humour in truckloads and is a mine of information, contacts and juvenile practical jokes. Love ya work Bro!



Warren Herbert


Onboard since the launch of BarefooterHQ in 2012 is Warren Herbert. With his rapier wit and sense of humor drier than the Atacama desert, Wazza likes to mix up his sporting interests between Footing, Rugby, Cricket and watching paint dry. Generous to a fault ( faults his wife happily reminds him of ) he will often be found coaching and mentoring young sportspeople in the afore-mentioned sports. You won’t be left wondering on his view of your dietary habits whether its solids or liquids… he has an opinion on everything.. which is why Wazza heads up the Opinion Editorials on barefooterHQ. We’re delighted and so privileged to have him onboard… or so he tells us.




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