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Skier Profile: Lee Stone

Lee Stone

Country: Spicewood, Texas, USA

What age did you learn to Barefoot?


Boat preference? Inboard or Outboard?

It don’t matter! But I own a Sanger inboard.

What are your PBs for each of the 3 tournament results?

10.2 Wakes, 1500 tricks, 13.1 M, 43 ft. Although I haven’t seen numbers like this in a while!

Who are your Barefooting Inspirations and why?

Robbie “The Rev” Boswell, wise, prophetic, and the elder statesman of the Pedernales Prayer Club, Mike Hartman, most polite “gentleman” I know.

What is your best achievement in Barefooting to date?

Three personal bests at the 2000 US Nationals; Coaching the US Open Teams.

Who is in your “usual” Footing crew?

Pat “Pocket Hercules” Scippa, Dr. Tim Stranahan, Steve “Wally” Walker, Robbie “The Rev” Boswell.

Top Favourite places to Foot on the globe?

The Blue Mile in Beaumont, TX, the Pearl River in Bush, LA, the Pedernales River in Spicewood, TX.

What are your ultimate Barefoot Goals?

Continue having fun and grow the sport.

If you had one piece of advice for developing Barefooters what would that be?

The sport is bigger than all of us….once you have grown to love it, you must respect and enjoy it. Be patient and ski with people better than you are and always have fun!

If you had $10 Million, what would you do with it?

Endow the ABC with $1M, donate $1M to charity, spend $1M foolishly, and invest the rest to live very comfortably on into my older ages.



About: Karen

Contributing writer for WaterSki and The Waterskier. Author of Barefoot Water Skiing: From Weekend Warrior to Competitor. Co-author of Gliding Soles with Keith St. Onge. Barefoot junkie.

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