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In the Curl: Plan Your Skiing, Ski Your Plan


The sole difference between high performance sports people and others is preparation. If you want to succeed, plan your progress. Be it skiing long line and getting your qualifying minute, or breaking 1000 points in tricks at the nationals – if you want success, MAKE A PLAN.

Compare the rowers at the London Olympics: they put in the hard yards; most of us would baulk at the work-loads these guys put themselves through, but they are professionals and they are ultra focused. Then, have a look at our Black Cap cricketers; again, professionals, but totally unprofessional in their focus on preparation. The results speak for themselves. If you want high performance, then be prepared to work for it.

Most of us only get limited time on the water, so it needs to be QUALITY. It’s very different if you get quantity time, as quality will come from that, but you must still set goals. Every set you get should have a plan with your overall goal clearly at the forefront of all your thinking. Get your plan sorted the weeks or days before your session, decide what you’re going to warm up with, when you will work on the new stuff, what your warm down will be and how long you want to ski. Have a back up plan if the water is not ideal, but keep total focus on your overall goal. Always ask the question if you are about to deviate from your plan, “Will this help me reach my goal?” If the answer is yes, then go hard.

Work with your coach or ski buddies, let them know what you want to achieve out of the set, and what you want them to look for. Don’t have a coach? Then get one! There are skiers in most regions that will help anyone that is keen to learn; there really is no excuse for you not to have good quality advice and guidance before you hit the water. If you don’t, chances are you will be hitting the water more than necessary!

Do a heap of dry land work, learn the moves, feel the positions and program the muscle memory so the body has an understanding of what it will feel like on the water. Every minute you spend doing this, will save effort on the water and help give you more quality time skiing.

But most of all, make sure you have fun! That’s what it’s all about; some days just won’t go to plan – don’t fight it, work with it and just have fun!

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