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IBA – New Body Launched Announcement

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Announcing the International Barefoot Water-ski Association (IBA).  The IBA is made up of forward thinking likeminded individuals promoting the sport of barefoot waterskiing and events that showcase the talents of the skiers.  Our goal is to be the leading source of information for skiers about events and competitive standards with the purpose of supporting the varying Barefoot Waterski disciplines of Three Event, Endurance (relay and figure 8) Freestyle as well the recreational Weekend Warrior.

The IBA is made up of skiers, coaches, and supporters who have combined their passion, experience, time and energy to provide the barefoot community with access to information for all interested parties.

We are developing technological resources that will improve the presentation and understanding of barefoot waterskiing; a repository of barefoot events and participation requirements; a worldwide calendar of events; a membership base to contribute to these endeavors; and a sponsor base to engage in mutually beneficial activities.

We welcome you to http://barefootassociation.org/ to see our humble beginnings and help us exceed everyone’s expectations.

– Board of Directors, International Barefoot Water-skiing Association (IBA)


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