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How to Sideslide


The Sideslide – it’s one of them “wow” moves; the trick that looks cool, feels cool, and will get a response from whomever is watching.

We’ve done a bit of searching around and there are a couple of “how to” lessons on the Sideslide that we’ll share with you. The first is a series of Vids that Lane “Dawg” Bowers put together. There are five in total although they are numbered 1-6 and miss out number 4.

The second is a lesson put out by ADV (Andre De Villiers) who took the Sideslide to the next level with his Switch move.

Lane “Dawg” Bowers presents his series – Barefoot Skiing Side Slide Secrets.

Andre De Villiers runs through his techniques for the Sideslide on Barefoot Centrals website.
Click on the picture below to go to Andre’s lessons.


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