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How To: Backwards Barefooting

backwards barefooting

Backwards Barefoot, Backwards Deepwater Start, the “NEMESIS” of many a footer throughout the history of the sport. From the days of turning on a stepoff ski and then stepping off – ably demonstrated here by New Zealand and World Junior Girls Champion 2014 Brooke Fitch.

to the development of the Backwards deepwater start by Australian Barefoot Legend Garry Barton right through to today, many footers have found the Backwards barefoot arena somewhat of a challenge. No longer, the top coaches in the world offer insights into various components and techniques in the start and beyond to help you Become the BEST you can.

KSO runs through the basics of the start and some drills to work on in this video

Multiple time Overall Womens World Champion Ashleigh Stebbeings develops the concepts further

Lane Bowers offers further insights,techniques and tips from his vast experience as professional barefoot coach, many similar to KSO and Ashleigh but also some extra aspects in his own inimitable style





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