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Freestyle Barefoot

Freestyle Barefoot is an emerging and growing form of expression and competition within the Barefoot scene.

If you haven’t yet seen some of the crazy tricks and moves that the top guys and gals are pulling off in Freestyle Barefoot Waterskiing then you’re missing out! If you have seen them then you’re likely to have been inspired to want to go out and try a dolphin start or a sideslide or two.

Freestyle Barefoot has developed a semi renegade reputation like the sports of Skateboarding and Snowboarding. Breaking away from the traditional forms of tournament 3 event skiing, Freestyle Barefoot builds on many of the basic skills of the core Barefoot waterskier and adds its own twists and turns to create a brand of Barefooting that can only be described as limit challenging.

If you’ve seen Freestyle Barefoot already, it’s likely that you’re familiar with the foremost proponents of this permutation of the genre. Names like Andre De Villiers (ADV), Zane De Villiers, Nolan Lough, Brendan Paige and others are at the forefront of the Freestyle Movement.

Barefoot Central has also been instrumental in the promotion and development of both Freestyle Barefoot and the skiers who go big in the Freestyle arena. Barefoot Central has been running a Freestyle Competition based around competitors submitting video of themselves or their team of Freestylers. Brendan Paige submitted this video in the latest round of the competition.


Brendan Paige BFC Freestyle Challenge 2012 Rnd 2 from Eagle Sports




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