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Footstock 2012

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Footstock in motion

Footstock in motion


The USA National Figure Eight Endurance Barefoot Championships are upon us once again.

Better known as Footstock amongst the footing set, the Figure Eight event is two days of fun, carnage and mayhem taking place on Aug 18th – 19th. With $US6000 of prize money up for grabs this is a chance for Joe Average to foot it (haha) with the pros and legends of our sport – names like KSO, Peter Fleck, Ron Blouw, Mark Donahue and Elaine Heller.

There are 192 skiers in the draw and they ski over a half mile figure of eight, two at a time until one skier relents, lets go, or falls. There are regular crowds of 1500 in attendance which is pretty impressive for a Barefoot Ski tournament.

If you’re keen to dip your foot in this pool you’d better hurry up and sign on here: Footstock 2012


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