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Footstock 2012 results

Footstock 2012 Results

The following list of results were posted by Footstock on their Facebook page.

Peter Fleck showed once again that he had the mettle to outlast his competition. A number of “names” were missing this year as the World Barefoot Championships are being held the week following Footstock and many skiers who have frequented the National Figure Eight Barefoot Championships in previous years are tapering off their training and heading to Waco for the Worlds.

For some great Vids and Photos of the event go check out their Facebook page.

[box type=”shadow”]2012 National Figure Eight Barefoot Championships Official Results


1st Pete Fleck (Florida)

2nd Chad Mietz (Michigan)

3rd Greg Fatla (Wisconsin)

4th Mark Donahue (Indiana)

5th Bob Mahnke (Wisconsin)

6th Eric DeVries (Michigan)

7th Brad Pylman (Michigan)

8th Ron Blouw (Michigan)

9th Ethan Shulda (Wisconsin)

10th Joe Moore (Wisconsin)

11th Luke Bruckner (Wisconsin)

12th Nick Ruchti (Minnesota)

13th Jacob Weber (Wisconsin)

14th Sam Landgraf (Wisconsin)

15th Bake Pluemmer Jr (Wisconsin)

16th James Weber (Wisconsin)


1st Pete Fleck (Florida)

2nd Mark Donahue (Indiana)

3rd Chad Mietz (Michigan)

4th Ron Blouw(Michigan)


1st Liana Sikora (Wisconsin)

2nd Victoria Wienser (Wisconsin)

3rd Haley Gibbon (Wisconsin)

4th Joanne O’Connor (Wisconsin)


1st Pierce Plummer (Wisconsin)
2rd Issac Aukee (Michigan)
3rd Nick Ruchti (Wisconsin)
4th Ben Walker (Wisconsin)


1st Wayne King (Manitoba, Canada)

2nd Bob Mahnke (Wisconsin)

3rd Dave Hopkins (Michigan)

4th Dan Cardinal (Wisconsin)

Best of the Worst

Rick Legois

Costume Contest

1st Nick Ruchti





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