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Footing Fit


Barefoot Waterskiing calls on many aspects of fitness. Typically the type of Barefoot Skiing event will determine which aspects are the focus.

In the endurance events of our season such as Figure Eight or race relays, aerobic endurance and muscular endurance play a large part – more so if the conditions are rough because the thighs act as shock absorbers and take an utter pounding. The more traditional three event tournaments, which have Wake Slalom and Trick events being completed in fifteen second splits, tend more toward the fitness aspects associated with track and field sprinters: anaerobic fitness, strength, speed, power, and flexibility.

Over the coming weeks and months we will publish articles and programmes for both the off-season, pre-season and the in-season portions of your Barefoot ski programme. As much importance as we place on skill development, it is ultimately better to work from a strong fitness platform which allows the skill sessions to build off a strong and fit foundation.

Stay tuned for our fitness and exercise routines and plans to complement your ski training.


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