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Footapalooza Figure 8


A few weeks ago the Freeman funk footers hosted Footapalooza figure 8 tournament and it was a great turnout.



We had some great donations this year $2000 for the open division and $200 from the entry fee’s after expenses which came to $1000 payout for the pro division. Now this was the first time for a open and pro division and this was done so open footers could have a chance to not foot against a pro (someone who has won money at another tournament).

We had 30 footers turn out, most ever at this site. There were 23 in the open and 20 in the pro, now how the pro got bigger was easy – pay another $20 and foot against a pro with a chance to win money- hey it’s a figure 8 anything is possible. The morning started out chilly and a fog covered lake and buy the time registration was closed we had sun no fog and glass water. We had 4 boats there to be used and we ran 2 boats most of the day. We moved through the day footer pair after footer pair getting down to the last  few of them battling it out for some green. The day ended with the Open division podium looking like this – 1st Wayne King 2nd Al Morrison 3rd Todd Tompson 4th Travis Lepak and tie for 5th Brody Meskers and Paul Miller. The Pro division podium had 1st Jon Debelak 2nd Marc Donahue and 3rd Wayne King. Now Wayne King, this animal from Canada walked away with $1000 – what a great day for him – and I’ll tell you he was a beast!

A special thanks to Bill Wolf and Greg Ake for there support and use of their lake Silver lake in Rolling Prairie Indiana, Thor Thorton for his support, Al Morrison and woodyashop.com, Mike Netzer and Barefootgraphics.comMasterlineUSA, and the WBC. There were a lot of helpers that deserve a special thanks too! It you goto Footapalooza Figure 8 barefoot tournament on Facebook you can view some pictures and videos of the weekend.  Finally about the turnout, well Canada, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Indiana, St Louis Missouri, Florida were all represented, they came from all over! We may run another tournament end of August if we can sure up enough people so jump on the FB page and let us know if you can make it.


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One thought on “Footapalooza Figure 8”

  1. scott shulda says:

    let me know any barefoot 8 tournaments coming up thanks scott

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