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David Small Tricks 13400 in the PGA Tournament

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On May 9, 2015, five-time World Barefoot Champion David Small pounded out a new number in tricks: 13400. The new pending World Record was set at the PGA Tournament held in Florida.

PGA site, photo by Betsy Gilman

PGA site, photo by Betsy Gilman

PGA summary from Betsy Anderson Gilman:

The 2015 PGA Season Opener is in the books and for the 11th year in a row… it was a record breaking Saturday in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida! Barefooters took to the glass calm waters of the C-18 canal to jump gators and demolish PB’s. Congrats to David Small for setting a pending world record in tricks of 13,400! Ben Groen set a pending Kiwi record of 10,850, Lenny Tremblay, 76 years young, set a pending Mens 9 slalom record, Brad Henderson, a pending Mens 6 slalom record, Carol Jackson a pending Womens 5 Trick record, and finally THE REAL Jason Lee set pending Mens 2 records in both tricks and slalom. But the story of the day was 12-year-old Jackson Gerard setting a pending Boys 2 record of 7250 in tricks! Ok… what? This kid is awesome! We also had two new Southern skiers join in: Welcome Brice and Logan!!!! Great work everyone!

Jackson with his parents

Jackson with his parents

What’s even more amazing is that the PGA was just Jackson’s second tournament. According to Swampy Bouchard, Jackson’s coach, the previous Boys 2 record of 2980 was held by Billy Bonoist at the 2002 Nationals.  Jackson’s new record score puts him in the Pro Division. That’s right, Jackson will be skiing against his very own coaches (with the exception of Swampy!) from the World Barefoot Center in upcoming tournaments.

“Watching Jackson barefoot this weekend was a huge treat,” Jackson’s mom, Joni said.  “He was calm and confident before the competition began–which helped all of us keep our nerves at bay while watching from the sidelines. I was blown away by the tricks he executed. I don’t get to ride in the boat much to watch him during practice, so this tournament really opened my eyes to his current level. He has progressed to the higher level tricks very quickly. His dad and I are very happy for him. He has trained hard and consistently for a year and a half and can now begin to see fruit from his labors.”

Scores from the tournament:

International Barefoot Association PGA Tournament Results

David Small’s Trick Runs:



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