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Barefooter Profile – William Leigh

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Name: WIlliam Leigh

Age: 13

Country: New Zealand (Aotearoa)

What age did you learn to Barefoot? : 9

Boat preference? Inboard or Outboard? :


What are your PBs for each of the 3 tournament events? :

Slalom – 11.8
Tricks – 2030
Jump -12.6 metres

Who are your Barefooting Inspirations and why? :

Ben Groen because when I was just starting it seemed like he could do anything on the water and he was just so good. My other one would be Tom Mathis, my older cousin, he was the one who got me into the sport and he taught me all of the basics and continues to help me push my skiing further.

What is your best achievement in Barefooting to date? :

It would have to be breaking Jason McArthur’s 21 year old NZ sub junior boys slalom record, it took a lot of hard falls in training and I was glad that it paid off.

Who is in your “usual” Footing crew? :

Dad the boat driver, me Tom Mathis and any other cousins that want to come.

Top Favourite places to Foot on the globe? :

1. Mine Lake, NZ
2. WBC FLorida, USA
3. Lake Inspiration, Otaki, NZ
4. Lake Karapiro, Waikato, NZ
5. Backpaddock Lakes, NZ

What are your ultimate Barefoot Goals? :

To become Junior World Champion

Outside of Barefooting and Family who do you most admire and why?:

Liam Hines, my boarding house head of house, he is always happy and he looks into the bright side even on the most dull things.

If you had one piece of advice for developing Barefooters what would that be? :

Don’t be scared of falling, because you going to fall and it will hurt more if are scared of it.

If you had $10 Million, what would you do with it? :

Pay off family debts, dig an L shaped lake and build a golf course around it.

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