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Barefooter Profile – Hugo Schaw

Hugo Profile 2

Name: Hugo Schaw

Age: 16

Country: New Zealand (Aotearoa)

What age did you learn to Barefoot? : 13

Boat preference? Inboard or Outboard? :


What are your PBs for each of the 3 tournament events? :

Slalom – 11.9
Tricks – 2060
Jump -20.9 metres

Who are your Barefooting Inspirations and why? :

Ben Groen -NZ’s top Skier

What is your best achievement in Barefooting to date? :

4th Overall junior boy at 2014 World Barefoot Championships

Who is in your “usual” Footing crew? :

Rob Groen & Brooke Fitch

Top Favourite places to Foot on the globe? :

1. Back paddock lakes
2. Lake inspiration
3. Max Kirwan lakes
4. I’d like to go to world barefoot centre
5. And also the barefoot ski ranch

What are your ultimate Barefoot Goals? :

To become Overall Open World Champion

If you had one piece of advice for developing Barefooters what would that be? :

Keep focused on the dreams that you want to achieve. Don’t stop until you have completed them!

If you had $10 Million, what would you do with it? :

Live on a Lake somewhere HOT!



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