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Barefooter Profile – Brooke Fitch


Name: Brooke Fitch

Age: 16

Country: New Zealand (Aotearoa)

What age did you learn to Barefoot? : 12

Boat preference? Inboard or Outboard? :


What are your PBs for each of the 3 tournament events? :

Slalom – 13.8
Tricks – 2060
Jump -13 metres

Who are your Barefooting Inspirations and why? :

Ashleigh Stebbings because she is Women’s open champion

What is your best achievement in Barefooting to date? :

Becoming Junior Girls World Champion in 2014

Who is in your “usual” Footing crew? :

Wobbie, Hugo, Fergie, and Aunty Wendy :)

Top Favourite places to Foot on the globe? :

1. Lake inspiration (Otaki, New Zealand)
2. Florida, WBC
3. Barefoot Ski Ranch, Texas

What are your ultimate Barefoot Goals? :

To become an Open World Champion in an event, currently targeting slalom.

If you had one piece of advice for developing Barefooters what would that be? :

Never give up

If you had $10 Million, what would you do with it? :

Buy a house in Florida which is on a lake and then ski every day!

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