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Barefoot Worlds – How it works

how it works

This is a quick FYI post to give those not so familiar with Barefooting and Barefoot Worlds an idea of what is happening.

In Mulwala, at the Max Kirwan Lake Parks we have three World Championships running in this one combined World Championship.

Junior Worlds
Open Worlds
Senior Worlds

Within those World Championships you have two classes of skier ( for want of a better term)
Team skier – chosen by the country selectors – these skiers scores count toward the team points.
Independent skier – skier who has met the qualifying standard for independent skiers.

All skiers ski the first round of each event – Slalom, Tricks, Jump

From the results of each of those events a “cut” is set by number of skiers. This cut is set by number of team skiers entered in the event.

Those that make the cut progress through to round two. Round two is also termed “Semi-finals” At the completion of round one the top 5 skiers progress into the Finals round.

Within each World Championship there are individual podiums for each event, Slalom, Tricks, Jump, then overall a total of each of these events  also provides a podium and finally there is an overall podium which takes into account the top team skier scores across all of the three world events, Junior, Open, and Senior.


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