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Barefoot Worlds 2016 – August 15-20, Alma Center, WI, USA


As we close the chapter on the 2014 Barefoot World Championships, it is timely that we should look forward some two and a bit years toward the next Worlds which were announced by WBC President, Richard Gray at the Closing Ceremony evening at Mulwala, Australia. The announcement that the World Championships were heading back to the USA, met a positive response from all those in attendance.

Richard Gray announced that the 2016 Barefoot Waterski World Championships will be held in Alma Center, Wisconsin, USA. The proposed dates that were mentioned during the announcement were August 15-20, 2016. The exact location is the “Blue Moo Lake” situated on the Heller Farm just outside the town of Alma Center Wisconsin. They have their own website – Cowzrus

The Lake is a “man made” lake that runs on a south west to north east direction on the compass.

It sits below the surrounding land by about a meter however it is flanked by banks that have been created by earth excavated from the lake which increase its wind protection profile somewhat.

Blue Moo has been home Lake to the Heller family and has been the training ground for 2010 Womens World Champion, Elaine Fatla (nee Heller).

Here is a photo of Elaine and her husband Greg skiing on Blue Moo which was published on Black River Country’s website.

There are a few videos of skiers on the lake but we chose this one of Keith St Onge from 2010 which gives you an idea of the Lake, it’s layout and water conditions.

You may note that there is only one lake. Despite rumours that Blue Moo owner Blake Heller is prepared to man an excavator and carve out a second lake for the Worlds, it is appearing more likely that this years double lake Worlds may well be the last. Instead we appear to be returning to a single lake World Championships which gives both Skiers and Spectators as well as officialdom a single focus for running and watching a World event.

Meanwhile, footers around the North American Continent begin to plan their roadtrips to the Barefoot Worlds 2016. :-)



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