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Barefoot World Championships 2012

This year sees the next iteration of the Barefoot Waterski World Championships.

The Barefoot World Championships 2012 will be held in the USA, at the Barefoot Ski Ranch in Waco, Texas. The Barefoot Ski Ranch is the fulfillment of Stuart Parson’s vision to incorporate his dual passions of Barefoot Waterskiing and wildlife. A world class site set amongst 400+ acres of lush nature, the purpose built complex includes a number one lake which spans 3500 feet long (1066 m) 200 feet wide (60 m) and 8 feet deep (2.4 m), a number two lake and a cable ski park that has recently opened. Three quarters of the lake is surrounded by mature trees so glassy water conditions are almost a certainty.


The Barefoot World Championships 2012 Competition proper begins August 26th and runs through to September 2nd. The lake is available for pre competition practice leading up to the Championships from August 18th through to August 26th, with the USA Nationals also being held at the Barefoot Ski Ranch from August 8th to August 11th.

The Barefoot Ski Ranch is a Barefooters dream; this video taken at a Jump Jam competition a little while ago starts off with a nice aerial overview of the site.



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