Barefoot Waterski World Championships 2014


One week from now skiing will be underway in the next installment of the Barefoot Waterski World Championships. Competitors and teams have been arriving over the past couple of days and training on the site and with the various boats that will be used during the Championships is taking place. This week is about preparation and finalising the last pieces of the plan. This time round there will be no Live Stream, this is a result of a lack of adequate Internet connectivity to the Lake Parks site. So what has been put in place to keep the fans, the friends, the interested parties abreast of the competition, the antics, the news as it happens? There are going to be three separate but we hope complimentary sources of information that will be updating the world. First of all we have the Instant Scoring Site. This is broadcasting the Skiers scores pretty much as they come off the water. This is a Non Official Scoreboard and is subject to change without notice. Having said that it WILL reflect the correct scores if there are any alterations once the Chief Judge has issued them. Instant Scoring can be found at scores.barefooterhq.com Secondly we will have video of the days events, edited and then uploaded to YouTube at the conclusion of each day. These will be found on the Vic (Victoria – State of Australia)Barefoot Channel. Subscribe to the Vic Barefoot Channel on YouTube. Link: Vic Barefoot YouTube Channel Thirdly BarefooterHQ will be onsite, Interviewing, Information gathering and updating both this Blog Page and our BarefooterHQ Facebook page. Link: BarefooterHQ Facebook World Barefoot Center will have ALL of their Coaches onsite at the worlds so expect to see them posting and commenting on the event as well especially on their Facebook page Link: WBC Ski School Facebook Lets not forget the Official World Championships 2014 Facebook Page either. Link: World Barefoot Championships 2014 Facebook There are a number of other social media streams that will hold interest for you fans out there over the course of the next couple of weeks as well. We will get a list of these together so you can hook into those also.

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