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Asia Oceania Skiers of the Year 2014

AO Skiers of the year

Congratulations to the AO Skiers of the year as announced by AO Chair, Brian Price.


To All,

It gives me great pleasure to announce the recipients of the 2014 Asia Oceania Barefoot Athletes of the Year:

·         Female          –           Ashleigh Stebbeings

·         Male               –           Ben Groen

·         Girls                –           Brooke Fitch

·         Boys               –           Keenan Derry

May I extend my congratulations to the worthy winners.

Kind Regards,

Brian Price

Chair – Asia Oceania Barefoot Council

Ben Groen  Resume 2014

Ashleigh Stebbeings  Resume 2014Keenan Derry Resume 2014Brooke Fitch Resume 2014



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