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5 Tips to better Show Ski Barefooting

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The Barefoot line, often filled with a mysterious bunch of loyal misfits who can handle the slap of the water to the face, is a staple of a good show team. But why are some good at it and others fail? after all its just stepping off a ski right? Wrong: And for the English teachers of the group who just noticed that I answered my own rhetorical question and therefore took away some of its value as a piece of structure designed to persuade my reader into reading on and believing my advice to be sound I say this; Shakespeare was a pompous prick who couldn’t barefoot. so ner!
The Barefoot act requires so much more than a simple step off, You might have a pyramid on you, you might be backwards, it might be rough, too slow, on a corner, full of spray and sometimes, just dangerous. The barefooter needs to be able to adapt to the conditions, keep calm and still look in control. This is the reason it takes a lot of experience and practice to get the big lines up and going. The following tips are going to help you gain that experience. Because when you in that group, and falling off potentially means taking out half of your mates (and the barefoot line is a tight knit collection of footers) you need to have the balance and poise to get through the conditions.

Tip One. Learn your Step off Ski

So often I see basic falls from the step off ski, both backwards and forwards, Sure it isn’t always easy to be right out the side while you’re going backwards and trying to cut away from your fellow footer whilst stepping. But it is doable and practice makes perfect. So instead of stepping off every time you flip to the back try skiing around for five minutes. Learn to cross the wake, get out both sides, Have a look around and get to know the balance of it all. the same forwards. Ride a blank for five minutes and get good at that bit.

Tip Two. Stay low before you go

A good set of soft knees and a low stance is essential. When you step. keep your centre of gravity low and if you make a mistake, there wont be so much force to bring you undone. When you do get settled stand up and wave to the croud, but when those rollers come, bend those knees and squat on the water. The tradition is to straighten you legs out but all your doing is pushing you feet through the wave instead of staying on top of it.

Tip Three. One foots are your best friend

Its all well and good to step of in the curl, but when your cruising on the far right of an 8 person line, Your going to want to trust your one foot. Spend your time footing around corners on one foot. Learn a rope on toe. Become so good on one foot that you dont need two. Then you will have very few problems getting off that ski. And I mean this forwards and backwards.

Tip Four. Trust your feet

Sometimes the waters rough and we want to stay on that ski just a second longer than we would normally. In the movie Point Break, Bohdi says to Johnny Utah, “Also about fear, fear causes hesitation, and hesitation, causes your worst fears to come true.” Point break is a great movie so I tend to agree with Bodhi on this, Hesitating causes you to break routine, Chances are that once your up to barefoot speed you will be safer on your feet anyway. Step of and worry about the rough by being low.

Tip Five. Foot for long periods

If you want to be good in the barefoot line you need to be solid on your feet, And being solid comes from being good at one foots, and being able to ski for long periods of time. Once you’re up and footing then stay on your feet for a minute or more. fatigue will set in and concentration will become paramount, Its this period of time that will make you great. I know of no better way to become a good solid stable footer than having footing sets that push into you “i am to tired to keep skiing” zone

Tip Six. Learn to count

Counting is essential, especially if you plan on writing an article about 5 tips for something.
Well that does it. You will notice we didn’t talk about practicing the barefoot line, That’s because I consider the above information to be necessary to be in the line to begin with, Get it all sorted and then it wont matter how big the line is, or how slow the boat is, and a lot of the time, how rough the water is, You will be right
Well good footing out there gang. catch you all next time ~


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