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2016 Worlds Confirmed

The IWWF have announced and confirmed that the 2016 World Barefoot Championships will be held at the Heller Family’s Blue Moo Lake in August of 2016. This will come with a sense of both relief and also certainty as¬†impending workloads for both the Heller family, the Minnesota Barefoot Association, the WBC and the many officials that will be party to this championship.







The journey to here hasn’t been without its challenges and hurdles and as always there will undoubtedly be more to come but for now the assurance for the athletes and the hosts about the location of the Worlds has been put to rest.

IWWF letter

When the WBC initially announced that the bid for the 2016 Worlds had been won by the Hellers at Blue Moo, we ran an informational post on the locale here and then another post on the site around its being awarded the US Nationals for 2014/15 here.

We look forward to more information being made available in the coming months as teams prepare and book for this fantastic event.






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